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Vinyl Fence Cleaning - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Vinyl Fence Cleaning - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

This Fence Cleaning project in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania turned out fantastic! In addition to the Fence Cleaning, we also performed a complete house wash for this wonderful customer! House Washing is one of our most widely utilized services. In addition to increasing the curb appeal of a client’s home, it also helps to prevent long term damage to the exterior building materials and ultimately creates a healthier environment in and around the home. With mild Pennsylvania winters, the weather creates a perfect environment for these types of organic materials to establish on the siding and exterior surfaces around a home.

This client reached out to United Restoration and Exterior Cleaning requesting a complete House Washing and Fence Cleaning service. They were concerned with the exterior curb appeal of their home and were looking to have all surfaces restored to their original beauty. In addition to the fence and siding, we also performed a gutter brightening and exterior window cleaning after the house wash. Gutter brightening helps remove the black tiger stripes from the exterior gutter surface and the window cleaning leaves the windows with an enhanced sparkle that accents the superior clean from the house wash.

Our first step with any House Washing service is to perform all property protection procedures. This includes taping receptacles, doors, windows, and any other areas of the home that could potentially be at risk of water damage. We also inspect for existing damage and document with photographs for our before and after pictures. After all property protection is complete, we begin by prewetting all plants and all surfaces to saturate landscape and prevent flash drying of our solution. We then apply our soaps using a softwash process and allow it to dwell on the surface. Our detergent slowly kills all organic growth. You can literally watch the transition! Once the siding has transitioned we gently rinse the dirt, grime, and dead organic growth. This leaves the siding and the vinyl fence as clean as new!

Our exterior cleaning processes are the safest methods of exterior cleaning. Utilizing safe detergents and minimal pressure is the safest and most effective method for exterior cleaning. It provides or clients with a cleaner clean that lasts longer than utilizing just water. Trust in United Restoration and Exterior Cleaning to complete your House Washing or vinyl fence cleaning project. We will produce the best results possible while protecting your plants, landscape, and home as if it was our own!

Location: Lewisburg, PA

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