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Roof Cleaning - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Roof Cleaning - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Roof Washing – Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Roof Washing is one of our favorite services. It produces instant, undeniable results and will extend the life of our customer’s roof by many years. This customer contacted United Restoration and Exterior Cleaning because of the unsightly black stains and patches of moss that were developing on their roof. These black stains are called Gloeocapsa magma. It is one of the most prevalent of several algae species that cause discoloration of a shingle roof.

With roof cleaning, it is important to note that absolutely no pressure should be utilized to clean a shingle roof! Our process is approved and recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s association. We also do not recommend scrubbing any existing moss that is growing. With brush agitation, you are removing the granular aggregate from the surface of the shingle and shortening the lifespan of the roof.

One of the most important aspects of Roof Cleaning is sufficient property protection. We always bag downspouts and rinse gutters to ensure the cleaning detergent run off does not empty into a customer’s yard, flower bed or Koi Pond. All landscape plants and house siding are prewet from the ground up to ensure no detergent dries on the siding of the home or causes plants and flowers to die. The key word is dilution! After prewetting all plants, flowers, landscape and siding, we apply the roof cleaning solution to the shingles. You can instantly watch the black stains disappear and any moss or lichens turn to a light brown or white color. This is evidence that adequate solution was applied to effectively kill the organic growth. Any remaining moss or lichens will gradually rot and wash away within a few weeks leaving your roof looking like new!

Our property protection procedures and constant attention to detail helped us to complete this roof cleaning project with 100% customer satisfaction! Our recommendation for roof cleaning services would be to treat your roof every 3 to 5 years to maintain its beaty while protecting it from organic growth that would otherwise be feeding on the shingles and diminishing the life expectancy of your roof. Trust in United Restoration and Exterior Cleaning to complete your roof cleaning project. We will produce the best results possible while protecting your plants, landscape and home as if it was our own!

Location: Lewisburg, PA

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Client Review

Adam answered our request immediately and performed the job within a week of our estimate. He was punctual, professional and very thorough. He did a great job and we would be happy to have him work on our house again.

- Orlagh B.