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Deck Cleaning and Pressure Washing in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Deck Cleaning and Pressure Washing in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

These Residential Pressure Washing projects in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania involved pressure washing, sanding and staining two sets of old wood stairs and a deck in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. These projects produced fantastic results and ultimately extended the life of the wood by many years. In addition, the wood is now coated with an easy to maintain penetrating wood stain that extends the life of the wood surfaces, produces excellent curb appeal, and reduces the risk of a fall. These were constructed of pressure treated lumber and were never sealed or protected with a stain. Over time the organic growth began to establish on the wood surfaces creating an unsightly appearance and an unsafe environment for the homeowner.

Here at United Restoration and Exterior Cleaning, we have a deep understanding of the pressure washing and wood restoration process. These projects did not require removing existing stain; however, they did require our standard two step Deck Cleaning and Neutralization process necessary for professional wood restoration. We began by conducting our standard property protection procedures. This included taping electrical receptacles, windows, and doors to prevent water damage. After all preliminary cleaning procedures were conducted, we prewet and applied a safe alkaline cleaner designed to lift the algae, dirt, mold, and mildew from the wood. This cleaner remained on the wood surface for 20 minutes. At that time, we utilized our professional pressure washing equipment to pressure wash away the dead growth and wood cells from the top surface of the wood. After pressure washing, we mixed and applied our wood neutralizer to restore the natural wood color.

After pressure washing, we allowed the wood to completely dry to below 20% moisture. This ensures our penetrating stain gets maximum absorption into the wood surface. Prior to staining, we lightly sanded all high touch areas such as handrails. This added step removes splinters and sharp edges that may have developed over the years. After sanding, we applied new oil-based stain on all surfaces beginning with the railings and ending with the stair treads. For this process, we apply two coats, one heavy initial coat and then back roll after ten minutes. This ensures the wood absorbs as much of the stain as possible.

This fantastic Deck Restoration project produced undeniable results. Our customer now has beautifully restored wood surfaces that are protected from the environment and most importantly, safe for our customer. Future maintenance will include a mild cleaning and application of stain to ensure the wood surfaces remain beautiful for many years to come.

Location: Selinsgrove, PA

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Client Review

Adam did a great job cleaning my house, shed, retaining walls and staining front and rear decks. Everything looks wonderful! All the black on the chimney, a 40 year accumulation of soot and tree sap, is now gone and it looks new! Thoroughly pleased!!

- Dave G.